Alumni Association

Our college has responsibility towards its stakeholders. At the same time these stakeholders contribute towards the development of college. The alumni are an important stakeholder. They are valuable assets of our college. The past students of the college are successful in various fields like teaching, government services, business, professions like Judges, lawyers, company secretaries etc. the college has encouraged meritorious past students to work as staff members in the college. There are some students who are working as a assistant professor in the colleges of CITY GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS.

Interactions with them have always been beneficial to college. The interaction with the past students is more of informal nature and mostly at departmental level. Various departments have frequent interaction with the past students. They are invited to share their experiences with the current students helping them getting exposed to the realities of world of work. They are also invited as experts at seminars, for delivering guest lecturers in the areas of their expertise, experts judges for competitions etc.

In order to have continuous and formal interaction with the alumni college decided to form a Past Students Association in the name of City Academy Law College Alumni Association.

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Goals and Objectives
• To arrange the lectures of Honorary Members and other respectable personalities in various fields and encourage the students to expand their horizon while entering in the real life.

• To provide guidance to the students of the College with reference to career choice and development.

• To assist the College in organizing activities for the benefit of students.

• To help the College for strengthening its infrastructural activities.

• To organize activities for social awareness and social benefits.

• To encourage students to become entrepreneurs by undertaking training programs in various forms.

• To help the students with the help of ex-students for giving better opportunities in placements and with the help of ex- students exhaust the possibilities of giving practical knowledge and exposures to the students.

1. Ms. SOLANKI YADAV President
2. Mr. ABHISHEK SHARMA Vice-President
4. Mr. AMIT GIPTA Joint-Secretary
5. Mr. ASHWANI SINGH Treasurer
7. Mr. SOMDUTT SINGH Member(Elected)
8. Mr. JITENDRA SINGH Member(Elected)
9. Mr. KIJAY SINGH Member(Elected)
10. Ms. MANTASHA SAGEER Member(Elected)
11. Mr. VIVEK KUMAR YADAV Member(Elected)
12. Ms. SADAF TARIQ Member Nominated by Ex. Committee
13. Ms. SNEHA VISHWAS Member Nominated by Ex. Committee
14. Mr. KESHAV DWIVEDI Member Nominated by Patron
15. Mr. HIMANSHU MEGHNANI Member Nominated by Patron
16. Mr. AVIRAL SRIVASTAVA Member Nominated by Patron
17. Mr. ABHAY SHANKAR PANDEY Member Nominated by Patron
18. Mr. SIDDHANT SINGH VISEN Member Nominated by Patron
19. Mr. ASHOK MISHRA Member Nominated by Patron
Greetings Dear Alumnus/Alumna,

We are grateful to you for your login on our website. We would like to keep in touch with you and therefore we ask you to register on our website.

In order to register, we request you to fill in all the details through the following steps

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1. Fill in the basic details on Alumni Registration Form and click Register

2. Once you have entered the portal, you are requested to fill in your current details along with a Testimonial in the form of Employee/Student ID Card / Appointment Order of your current employer.

Alumni Membership Form
  • Alumni Registration Form
  • Alumni Feedback form
    A well-defined and formal feedback system is created for alumni as their comprehensive learning and experience at the workplace/HEIs provides a rich input to make room for improvement. Such an evaluating exercise strengthens the institute to move ahead towards providing quality education to its students.
  • Alumni Feedback form